Podcast Guest Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What do I need to be a good podcast guest?

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Do I need a microphone?

For the best sound quality we recommend you record with a microphone plugged in to your computer.

We can do a sound test with your computer if it has a built in microphone, but this is usually not good enough, and will pick up lots of background noise.

What time do you record the podcast?

I like to record Thursday or Friday mornings, before 11am UK time, but am flexible to the guests schedule and timezones. My schedule allows for a booking every 2-4 weeks. With the show published about 4-6 weeks later.

Is the show recorded live?

The show is a live conversation, but there is no live audience.

Though it is possible for other team members to listen live if needed on another computer.

Background to the interview

I am interested to talk in areas of manufacturing, diversity, growth and dealing with change to cover its strategies and learning. Be this managing a team, changes in business or learning to deal with change.

Who is the Host?

The podcast Cliff Notes Podcast is hosted by Tristan Bailey. Interested in talking to interesting people, solving problems in industry and recording the cliff notes. He is based in Brighton, UK, and runs a digital agency, working with many manufacturing companies.

Managing a digital team, consulting, helping people to understand their business and keep things simple, while scaling. 

Technical Requirements of recording a podcast?

Recording does not need to be in person, just on a computer not a phone, with internet. Prefer with a microphone, headphones, and if you have them and a quiet room.

How long is the recording time?

30-40 minutes recording for approx a 20 minute show, so book 1 hour into your calendar if you can.

If you have a hard stop let me know at the beginning.

How is the interview Recorded?

I use a website called Zencastr, so to record we both need to load the webpage in the Chrome or Firefox web browser.

Before the show I will give the exact room link for you to go to at the time visit: https://zencastr.com/

It works a little like a chat room or skype, so no need to make an account.

Can I review the recording before it is release?

Yes, this is possible, just let me know at the time.