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Leading Manufacturing, deliver more with digital transformation

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Podcast for managers rising above change in their industry, and how they have navigated the journey to help others on the same path.

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#presentations #manufacturing #business

Posted on 23rd May 2023

52: Steven L. Blue on the top Silent Killers in Manufacturing Business

The company has a focus on employee ownership and is committed to continuous improvement.

#leadership #manufacturing #business

Posted on 22nd March 2023

51: Jason Azevedo MRCAs Focus on Employee Ownership and Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing

The company has a focus on employee ownership and is committed to continuous improvement.

#employees #ownership #continuousimprovement #lean

Posted on 02nd January 2023


#iot #5g #collaboration #manufacturing

Posted on 19th October 2022

#companionapps #customersuccess #product #manufacturing

Posted on 26th August 2022

#security #cyber #manufacturing

Posted on 17th June 2022

47: Stephen Harrison predictive asset condition monitoring in the field

Empowering business to capture, monitor and analyses assets performance and condition e.g. pumps, motors, AC Units

#accessibility #tools #software #manufacturing

Posted on 11th May 2022

46: Grant Broome digital accessibility of SME

A website or app that's fully accessible to your customers makes business sense. It has many benefits beyond increasing your reach to disabled people

#accessibility #software #manufacturing

Posted on 09th April 2022

45: Adam Bastock teaches us how Net Zero is in reach of SME

Goal working: 1 Million Small Businesses to Net Zero By 2025

#netzero #carbonneutral #manufacturing

Posted on 06th February 2022

#tools #iot #maintenance #dashboard

Posted on 03rd January 2022


43: Mick Tilley runs his business on the spectrum Tried&True not your grandmas agency.

Working with a broad range of staff and accommodating their skills.

#training #people #leadership

Posted on 04th November 2021

42: Matt Lacey at H V Wooding on precision components, tight tolerances and single load shipping

When your first week on the job is in a pandemic, sales or production don't need to slow down to keep the UK running.

#tools #exports #subcon #precision

Posted on 03rd August 2021

41: Getting the process worldwide improved with Kevin Snook

Looking a deep dive into process and improvement in health product production, Kevin and Tristan have a lively conversation.

#process #system

Posted on 02nd July 2021

40: Ellie Dix gets all the family involved in Game Manufacturing and Kickstarter

Explore different ways to fund manufacturing a physical product with Crowd Funding. Along with getting the whole family together for fun.

#sme #boardgames #uk

Posted on 16th May 2021

39: Sara Duff, Smart Manufacture talks SME manufacturing growth with digital.

Achieve manufacturing business goals through implementing effective business growth strategies and win more business.

#sme #erp #factory

Posted on 31st March 2021

38: James Worthington, MyWorkwear on growth looking good in branded workwear

Proud UK manufacturer & supplier of workwear, on re-branding and growth.

#workwear #ppe #pandemic #tools

Posted on 19th February 2021

37: Where are the Embedded Systems for IoT with Ed Kuzemchak

Gather sensor data in the field at the edge and use the cheap cloud power to gain more learning from your own systems.

#embedded #iot #mfg

Posted on 04th January 2021


36: Offering customers 10% manufacturing improvement guarantee Dennis Cocco with 10in6

Putting actionable data in operator's hands, simplified process monitoring improves production and reports to Excel sheets.

#lean #oee #mfg

Posted on 30th November 2020

35: Get your 8 Process Wastes in order with 5s and Giles Johnston handy advice

Optimising ERP systems and re-engineering business processes.

#lean #wastes #mfg

Posted on 08th October 2020

34: Fixer of dirty data, classification and data accuracy - Susan Walsh

Better managed data cleans up all the way to the bank

#data #waste #mfg

Posted on 14th September 2020

Hosted by Tristan Bailey, also available to guest on other podcasts.

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