Machine Tools Marketing and using Video with Joe Reynolds

Cliff Notes Podcast 9

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How MTDCNC offer high quality marketing and video production for businesses in manufacturing as well as those making tools and parts.

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Podcast Show Notes

Joe Reynolds is an experienced engineer with a specific expertise in cutting tool and machine tool management. All round cutting tool knowledge from design and manufacture to application and sales, in the boardroom or the shop floor. Marketing skills, CNC machine tool marketing, generation of sub contract machining from a range of industries including F1, aerospace, automotive and power generation. Plus genuinely a nice guy, was great to catch up and have a chat with him again.


Disclosure: There are a few small pops and crackles showed up sporadically in the download of the recording after the interview, we worked to reduce them, for you.

This episode of Cliff Notes Podcast: Lead manufacturing, host and founder of Holdingbay Tristan Bailey talks to Joe Reynolds of MTD CNC for the Cliff Notes podcast on his machine tool design and sales background and buying to to business educating and marketing for other precision engineering companies.

MTD CNC offer high quality marketing and video production for businesses in manufacturing and those making tools and parts. All the team have highly technical backgrounds and talk to the guests on their YouTube shows on the same technical level. Also known to inject a bit of fun in the shows which make them compelling team viewing in the thousands of workshops and offices that join for the weekly updates, or to learn about purchasing options.

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