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I Want To Guest On Your Podcast

Tristan Bailey has recorded episodes both as a guest (12 Minute Convos, Manufacturing Ignition Podcast, UX Podcast, Internet Marketing Podcast) and a host of The Cliff Notes Podcast, and can bring that experience to your show.

As a podcast host, I know how hard it is to produce a great podcast. I can make a great guest. I use professional gear, I show up on time, and I'm full of great anecdotes about my experience growing my own agency as well as growing clients online business to success.

If you'd like to book me, email your pitch and I'll set up a date for us to record.

Press Info

The following information is provided as a cut-and-paste resource for conference organizers, media professionals, and other interested parties. Please feel free to use it as is. If you have additional questions, you can email me.


A highly regarded independent consultants in his industry, Tristan Bailey is a senior digital consultant who helps Maker and Manufacturing business owners uncover hidden profits through their website, by unlocking their offline skills to online sales opportunities.
Tristan is the founder of web agency Holdingbay and host of the popular The Cliff Notes Podcast. He has helped businesses in UK, Germany, Sweden and USA. His current focus is UK businesses and helping them succeed with digital transformation to add value to sales funnels.

Sample Questions to Ask Tristan

Ready to get some actionable advice for your audience on sales lead optimization? Ask me these sample questions.

  • A client comes to you wanting to improve conversions for their company website. Where do you start - what questions do you ask?
  • Where should an owner start when making digital improvements?
  • Why do you say a website is only half finished the day after launch?
  • How has business evolved now that the web is largely mobile first?
  • What are specific design mistakes you see companies making?
  • What specific messaging mistakes do you see companies making?
  • What industry companies do you pay attention to that “Get it right” in terms of the sales process?
  • What are a few things that separate an enduring business from a flash in the pan or hobby business?
  • What are some of your greatest successes?
  • How can my business start to implement GDPR?

Facts About Tristan

Ask me about these little known facts so that you sound like you're as good an interviewer as Michael Parkinson.

  • I believe your biggest competitor is not looking.
  • Creativity is unplanned, but success is data lead.
  • Positioning is the cornerstone of any business's success
  • At a 90s dotcom startup, I helpped to build a worldwide sports platform. It didn't work out.
  • My first job was photocopying fiction books for proofreading in a smoke filled office.
  • I like to work with Makers and Manufacturing to help them lift the industry.
  • I didn't experience real business success until I discovered the Productised Consulting business model
  • I used to work in-house with house hold brands and developed sites at Time Out, John Lewis, and
  • I believe if you're in an online business of any kind, you are in the business of audience building first a product second.
  • You should design your site for someone in a crazy, lazy mood.

More Information

Tristan's Agency
Tristan's hosts The Cliff Notes Podcast Show for Manufacturing and digital Inovation

Social Media

Surrey Institute
Portsmouth University

United Kingdom
Lives in Brighton, England
Have lived in Cologne - Germany, Melbourne - Australia and Auckland - New Zealand
Born London, England

Age: 43
Name Pronunciation: tris-TAN BAY-lee
Background: Father, who loves baking, cycling and playing with his kids and friends. Timezone: GMT