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For February I was lucky enough to be joined by James Worthington who has been flat out for the last 9 months adding x2 capacity to their site, to service all the UK orders for branded workwear.

Listen in to how they have been able to help drop ship PPE to customers, during a pandemic and as JIT workwear supply long running business interview.

His energy and support of manufacturing sector is a positive snowball.

Also worth checking out the weekly conversations

• ZenootTV runs Thursday at 6pm a great (zoom/youtube) panel Kaizen Central presented by Nick Peters is a lifelong broadcaster, a strong supporter of the manufacturing sector.
• On Tuesday nights at 8-9pm on twitter @ManUKHour Adam Payne hosts following the hashtag #ManufacturingHour, where you can share your business and chat to UK Manufacturing community.

Listen to this podcast with James Worthington on support of UK business.

Posted on 17th February 2021