Investing in Legacy companies and creating Staff Ownership

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Jason joined the Cliff Notes Podcast to share the way they raise the bar and bring communities together. MRCA is a private equity firm that buys and connects legacy manufacturing companies in the US. It is committed to employee ownership and has experienced benefits including higher profitability, employee morale, and lower turnover.

The company is currently producing a range of products including retail displays for major retailers and a short distance away control panels for nuclear power plants. It is about process and skill over reliance on one line. MRCA's national expansion has allowed employees to transfer to other locations within the company, reducing onboarding and training costs. The company's focus on employee ownership and continuous improvement has allowed it to excel in the manufacturing industry by building strong connections within local communities, developing a skilled workforce, and constantly seeking ways to improve.

Worth checking out the conversation

Listen to this podcast with Jason Azevedo.

Posted on 4th January 2023