What does a Plant Manager need for better results?

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With this months podcast with Dennis Cocco, looking at process monitoring and putting data and actions in the hands of Operators and not the Plant Managers duties, I put the question out to the community.

Mark Deadman of MTDCNC opts for: "Preparation for the next day, next week, next month 👍"

Giles Johnston at Fraction ERP and Smartspeed Consulting "'focus on your processes' for the Plant Manager and 'have a daily Sunrise Meeting' to help the shift have a better day."

Dennis in Episode 36 on 10in6 if giving the Plant Managers he works with extra, to come out on top would.

Tip 1: Give the operators on the shop floor a way to express their issues Tip 2: To have the processes in place to respond in a timely manner

Listen to this podcast with 10in6 on proccess improvement.

Posted on 2nd December 2020