Robots move STEM kids from Sheffield to China

Cliff Notes Podcast 20

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Following a STEM passion for robots club via competition Kirin found him self on the way to China

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Podcast Show Notes

Robots move STEM kids from Sheffield to China Robots move STEM kids from Sheffield to China

Kirin has been experimenting at Discovery STEM robotics club for a few months, and was able to take part in the UK WER competition. He was on a successful team and then invited to the winners trip to represent UK in China at the World finials. The first time he had been on a plane, and meeting kids for Mexico and Croatia. World Education Robot Seminar, with 10,000 competitors, aged 4-18. He has become proficient building and programming the robots in Open Source Scratch 2.0 or C to follow out tasks on the floor. When they compete it is also in small teams, and all preparation must be in your head. Working on the tasks of "Robots in Factory" dealing with moving e-waste.


This episode of Cliff Notes Podcast: Lead manufacturing, host and founder of Holdingbay Tristan Bailey talks to Kirin for the Cliff Notes podcast. Kirin is doing home schooling and attends a STEM robotics club. We talk about how he was in one of the teams in the Sheffield UK finals, of the team competition. He was then offered a place on the UK team to go to China for the final. He told me he loves to build the robots and then programme them. He hopes the next year they will use the newer more advance Abilix Krypton 8 robot he has at home. Planning for robots and AI. Upgrade from black and white to colour sensors, touch sensors, and motion sensors.

Note from Melissa at WER UK, In the UK only confirmed robots can be used from and the only way to get involved in the WER programme in the UK is through WER UK)

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