Get your 8 Process Wastes in order with 5s and Giles Johnston handy advice

Cliff Notes Podcast 35

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Optimising ERP systems and re-engineering business processes.

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Podcast Show Notes

Get your 8 Process Wastes in order with 5s and Giles Johnston handy advice Get your 8 Process Wastes in order with 5s and Giles Johnston handy advice

This episode Giles Johnston consultant and published author shares advice on what your business can get from working with Smartspeed Consulting with Cliff Notes: Lead manufacturing host Tristan Bailey.

His interest began when about 14 years old. He visited a forging plant on an open day and was allowed to have a play with the controls of some very large hammers. Roll on a few years and was running a business unit with 35 operators running a 24/5 shift pattern. Not one to sit still he eventually moved into business for himself and helping other companies.

Optimising systems and re-engineering business processes. He tells some great stories from working with sections and people that were under valued, until they were buffed Lean and lead the group.

Learn from the Cliff Notes on 8 Wastes

  • 8th Waste AKA Untapped Human Potential
  • The Les story (and his Tefal Man award).
  • Using the CARL framework to turn the 8th waste into a powerhouse.
  • Honesty and open communication - re: mutiny on the factory floor!
  • Finding safe ways to fail.
  • Managing expectations once the ideas start to flood in.
  • Tip: Leaders need followers - ones that can help make change happen are even better.

What at the 8 wastes you should be looking for improvement in Giles shares on Cliff Notes this month. Based in Jarrow, Tyne and Wear and working around the country helping many businesses improve internally.



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