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Cliff Notes Podcast 31

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One for Business, One for Dads and One for Makers

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Podcast Show Notes

On the 12th May it is #GivingTuesdayNow day and many podcasts around the world will be doing their part to mention other shows that as the host enjoy. There is no exclusive time in the week so if we can do a tiny part of helping another show with the time they put in for free to give back.

Some show recommendations for you

  • Ian Farrar gets tough and shares the love in the North of England. Industry Angel Business Podcast
  • Take a daily dose of reflection, that it is only yourself you can improve. Daily Dad Podcast / Daily Stoic
  • Get hands on with some making at home with this group chat. The Modern Maker
  • Some interesting reflections and walk around of old choices, rather than about battles other similar shows might be. Cold War Conversations
  • Might be on audio and photography or could be servicing a motorbike for a long journey to the strange intriguing (some is paid exclusive). Documentally

More Industrial Podcasts I listen to and recommend

Now tell me what new podcasts do you like to listen to @cliffnotespod

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Do you know someone who would make a good guest?

Send me your recommendation, recording is on a 4-6 weeks schedule so can book around their schedule.

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