Niching business to improve focus, Jason Resnick helps us better align with customers

Cliff Notes Podcast 29

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Saving money and raising conversions with practical lesson and landing page advice.

Podcast Show Notes

Niching business to improve focus, Jason Resnick helps us better align with customers Niching business to improve focus, Jason Resnick helps us better align with customers

This episode of Cliff Notes Podcast: Lead manufacturing, Jason Resnick talks to host Tristan Bailey for the Cliff Notes podcast. Jason runs his own business and for many years helping independents and business build recurring revenue through better specialisation. He walks me though a workshop activity to identify where clients are aligning, then to the next step of landing pages to align and test this special focus.

He has his own podcast Live in the Feast and has also answered over 200+ questions he gets asked all the time on specialising and selling.

He shared some of his experiences with clients and growing up

  • What you'll learn, cliff notes on niche marketing
  • Need to Segment, learn more about the customer
  • Amazing that a lot of people do not want to have conversations with their customers
  • Scale with human conversations - but not just talk to everyone
  • Talk to everyone of your customers - and record your best customer's language - "What do they get from you, as well as product"
  • Build rapport and look to attract more customers like that
  • I asked for 10 min conversation - "Why do you enjoy working with me?"
  • Pick vertical or platform to help narrow the market
  • Talk to people and solve the problem that group of people have
  • "Specialist is such a general umbrella"
  • For me, its 1:1 with clients and my own personality, and some clients, like that and some would rather work was to be backed with a larger team
  • Looking inside Convertkit for upsell and cross sells.
  • In Mailchimp they might not do the same things, but it would disqualify for me, as I dont work with that client software
  • How do you find your niche?
  • I first did this exercise 4hrs a night analysed clients, what liked and what I liked.
  • 1: Upper left, all clients like working with
  • 2: Right opposite, clients you dona like
  • 3: Bottom of page and then look for common elements, industry, stage of business, etc
  • After that its a checklist, you know the Red flags and Matches
  • Next run FaceBook adverts to this new target and see if it resinates
  • What is a landing page?
  • One pager, with headline and talk about your specialism. "do you struggle with X...?"
  • You do not need to change your whole website now, start validating it with a single page
  • Add a conversion point - a call to action
  • Use their words back on the website to improve it.
  • Is facebook a choice for business?
  • Executive brains don't switch off, so if scrolling fb in the evening, they still see your ad
  • Adverts and Commercials run for people normally not at work
  • Is $50 enough to test facebook adverts?
  • Learn what businesses in your specialism are struggling with
  • Traveling salesman visiting in his car talking to prospects, we are looking at learning the same thing at scale
  • A decade ago, there was no iPhone, so who can be that smart to see the next
  • 5 years ago business would broadcast out its message and hope
  • Have to know the customer as an individual and grow a relationship now
  • Every subscriber - what are their pain points - where are they now and where want to be?
  • I'd love to be a better writer, if I could grab one new skill.

Jason Resnick joined me on Cliff Notes this month. New Yorker, with – a consultant to make you successful.

He makes it a mission to help share his experiences, how I built his business, help you build recurring revenue so that you can take off that Tuesday afternoon without any worry.

He is a podcast, business coach, and web developer. If you are struggling with something in your business, he'd love to help out and get you over the hurdle faster.

"If your business is successful, that means I’ve done my job and I’m successful. Which means that I can now go spend time with my family." - Jason

Get coaching and your own Niche Down Framework.

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