Matt Lacey at H V Wooding on precision components, tight tolerances and single load shipping

Cliff Notes Podcast 42

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When your first week on the job is in a pandemic, sales or production don't need to slow down to keep the UK running.

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Podcast Show Notes

Matt Lacey at H V Wooding on precision components, tight tolerances and single load shipping Matt Lacey at H V Wooding on precision components, tight tolerances and single load shipping

Matt Lacey is Sales & Marketing Manager for H V Wooding a precision component, motor lamination and busbar manufacturer. With over 20 years in companies across the industry Matt talks about busbars, wire erosion, laser cutting, electric vehicles and British manufacturing.

They have been doing well and changed with the times for our client base, with last year lost of work with The Ventilator Challenge and Re-shoring.

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Learn from the Cliff Notes on precision components

  • We have been working with CERN for about 10 years now on tight tolerances
  • H V Wooding for busbars, motor laminations, bespoke precision components, as a subcon manufacturer we don't have our own products.
  • We love to see new prototype projects come in, we have seen a lot from electric manufacturers at the moment As the electric vehicle industry is still young we are able to offer advice and guidance
  • Reshoring has been very big for us. With Covid19 and Brexit a window of opportunity opened up with clients worried about supply chain
  • Reshoring cost driven at first, then not needing to order in quantity, goods in transit risks, carbon footprint and also it is much easier to talk to a local in same country on the phone
  • The feedback we have seen has been amazing and the cost that were perceived to be there were not really there
  • We have not experienced teething problems with new brexit export rule, we mainly export on single loads without problem, mixed loads with other companies have had more paperwork problems.
  • We use a lot of copper that is imported but not on other lines
  • Most of our work is single load and also a safety-net
  • People are realising the impact of Reshoring and how positive it can be to them
  • On quality we have had excellent feedback and being UK based we can get a new delivery out in a day
  • Sales and marketing have changed a lot in a year, being at several virtual exhibitions and linkedin have been a lot stronger in the pandemic
  • Virtual events are getting better, and booking meetings and not adding to the carbon footprint and you don't need to book a whole day out.
  • Investment opportunities in the budget we look to take advantage of. We hope it is not just short term from the government
  • Investing in press tools and other areas.
  • Keep connected and negotiating with Europe
  • Want to see investment in the border controls, so we do not have too many issues
  • Working on Power drives, any renewables and EVs and other projects under NDAs
  • Keeping ahead, so we remain key suppliers
  • Working EV, bus, train, bikes and that is where the future lies
  • SUPER GADGET: my Google Home reminds me of so much.


And I always want to hear what you found interesting? @cliffnotespod

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