Vats Vana at KX with IoT and 5G powering industry

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Vats Vana at KX with IoT and 5G powering industry Vats Vana at KX with IoT and 5G powering industry

Vats Vana is Vice President of Product & Strategy for IoT at KX. Here he helps manufacturing and automotive clients leverage the power of streaming and real-time distributed analytics architectures to drive better business and financial outcomes.

Vats brings over 25 years of experience across a diverse set of engagements within the manufacturing, energy, CPG, telecom and transportation industries. Well versed in edge and cloud platforms, Vats steered technology strategy, digital transformation, IoT solution consulting and implementation in Fortune 100 clients, leveraging his skills in IOT, process control, AI and ML for edge systems. He has also worked extensively with technology providers such as BF Goodrich, Dow Chemicals, Dupont and Setpoint in implementing advanced process control strategies in refineries and petrochemical facilities to drive plant efficiencies and optimizations.

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