Steven L. Blue on the top Silent Killers in Manufacturing Business

Cliff Notes Podcast 52

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The company has a focus on employee ownership and is committed to continuous improvement.

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Podcast Show Notes

Steven L. Blue on the top Silent Killers in Manufacturing Business Steven L. Blue on the top Silent Killers in Manufacturing Business

The interview is with Steven L. Blue is President and CEO of Miller Ingenuity a keynote speaker and author. He has written five books and won awards for his writing and speaking. Steve has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, having worked his way up from a factory supervisor to the CEO and director of the company. He believes in lifelong learning and values both education and experience. Steve advises people to take on every job in order to gain valuable experience and lead.

We get into chatting about his list of Silent Business Killers and how these can impact any manufacturing business. 

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Learn from the Cliff Notes on Business Killers

  • Most CEOs come up from one background, so they only see a problem with one direction - I worked through all the hard way
  • When everything is fine...
  • When everyone makes nice nice - "lets take it off-line"
  • Is conflict a bad thing?
  • You working your list - "Yup boss!"
  • Is it a health and safety issue?
  • I teach all my executives how to manage conflict
  • Keep on reducing your manufacturing costs every year
  • Does your sales force work for the customer?
  • The customer is sales person best friend
  • "People only screw people they don't know or don't like"
  • Do for example staff shine like diamond or turn you away?
  • What do other employees think when someone is grumbling?
  • My mentors - Harvey Mackay, Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham
  • My alternative: Fat, Dumb and happy CEOs was my version of the book title and they need to shake up



Host: Tristan Bailey
Music: Drinks On The Bar - Dougie Wood

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