From Whiteboards and Spreadsheets to Connected Planning: Michael Lynch's Digital Transformation Advice

Cliff Notes Podcast 59

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Transform documents, white boards, and digital files to streamline processes without the need for complex coding, significantly reducing development time and costs

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Podcast Show Notes

From Whiteboards and Spreadsheets to Connected Planning: Michael Lynch's Digital Transformation Advice From Whiteboards and Spreadsheets to Connected Planning: Michael Lynch's Digital Transformation Advice

Join us as we discuss bringing the day to day running data and action items from visual management and paper notes, to a connected and full cycle solution. My guest, Michael Lynch, Co-Founder of Praxie, shares insights into the evolving landscape of AI, its practical applications, and how businesses can leverage this transformative tool to gain a competitive edge.

The conversation delves into the role of Internet of Things (IoT) in manufacturing and the challenges faced by companies in managing diverse processes, often relying on tools like Excel sheets. Praxie aims to address this by offering a digitisation platform that allows companies to start small and gradually build custom applications tailored to their needs.

Michael emphasises the significance of digitising processes to gather intelligence and optimise manufacturing. He highlights the long tail of manufacturing processes, often managed through traditional methods like Excel sheets and explains how it helps replace these with digital solutions, improving efficiency and transparency.

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The discussion then touches on the practical aspects of data collection, its adaptability for different users on the shop floor, and its role in supporting lean methodologies and process improvement. The goal is not just to replace Excel but to fully software-enable processes, leading to reduced scrap, lower downtime, and improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

The podcast explores the integration of AI into the Praxie platform, providing examples of how AI can analyse data, generate executive summaries, suggest actions, and streamline decision-making processes. The interview concludes with a look at the future, with Michael predicting that AI tools will become more commoditised, and businesses should focus on having a platform that can adapt to different AI models and use cases.

Learn from the cliff notes on Digitisation and Pragmatic Approach to AI

  • Urges organisations to embrace digital infrastructure for seamless communication.
  • Recommends a pragmatic approach to AI as a copilot in practical applications.
  • The Urgency of Digital Transformation, Stresses the strategic importance of getting digital ready in the next twelve months.
  • Warns against complacency, emphasising the potential productivity challenges for those still relying on traditional methods.
  • Discusses AI as a copilot, enhancing productivity by providing better advice and action-taking capabilities.
  • Highlights the need for additional layers of security when AI is tasked with addressing specific issues.
  • Explores role in scenario planning, particularly in supply chain optimisation.
  • Draws parallels between the evolution of microchips and increasing capacity for complex scenario analysis.
  • Michale positions Praxie as a game-changing tool for adding value to manufacturing processes.
  • Boasts Praxie's ability to make enterprise software more accessible, delivering real value with impressive turnaround times.

This month's guest, Michael Lynch, Co-Founder of Praxie and a seasoned expert navigating the intricacies of manufacturing, IoT and data visualisation. With a wealth of experience, Michael has witnessed the industry's evolution and is now at the forefront of integrating AI into manufacturing processes. His vision - to make enterprise software as accessible and impactful as crafting a PowerPoint presentation.

Prior to founding Praxie with Michael Rothrock and Soren Kaplan, Michael led the Internet of Things business at SAP after the acquisition of Right Hemisphere, where he was CEO. During his tenure, he transformed a small tools provider for graphics professionals to the global leader in visualisation software for Global 1,000 manufacturers. Prior to working in Technology, Michael was a successful actor/singer/dancer on Broadway where he starred in Fiddler on the Roof and Les Miserables.

The key takeaway is clear – the time for digital transformation in manufacturing is now. Embracing AI as a copilot and leveraging tools like Praxie can significantly enhance productivity and prepare businesses for the challenges and opportunities of the future. Keep listening for more discussions on the evolving landscape of manufacturing and technology.


  • Use Praxie as your “platform of platforms” to simplify everything
  • And I always want to hear your thoughts? @cliffnotespod


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