Supply Chain Visibility Optimisation, Harrison Wells of LeanDNA

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As you start draining the easy supply chain challenges, leaving behind more complex assembly issues

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Podcast Show Notes

Supply Chain Visibility Optimisation, Harrison Wells of LeanDNA Supply Chain Visibility Optimisation, Harrison Wells of LeanDNA

Did you know that increasing the number of parts in manufacturing can lead to a higher number of exception messages during assembly, making streamlined processes and supply chain optimization even more crucial?

Podcast on the intricacies of supply chain management and optimization, exploring the challenges and opportunities faced by manufacturing business owners in today's complex market.

This weeks guest, Harrison Wells, Vice President of Professional Services at LeanDNA, brings a wealth of experience in supply chain management, particularly in the manufacturing sector. With a keen understanding of the nuances involved, Harrison shares insights into streamlining processes and leveraging technology for enhanced efficiency.

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We discuss the evolving landscape of supply chain management, from addressing complexities to optimizing inventory management. Harrison highlights the importance of visibility across the supply chain and the strategic placement of inventory to mitigate disruptions.

As manufacturing business owners, there is a growing need for comprehensive solutions that offer transparency and efficiency in supply chain operations. By adopting innovative technologies and refining processes, businesses can better navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities for growth.

LeanDNA is the first inventory optimization and execution platform that synchronizes workflows and operationalises data by connecting systems, sites and suppliers to provide prioritized actions and recommendations that help optimize inventory. LeanDNA can connect to any ERP with fast turnaround time. Users are seeing a 3-4x return on investment because of key results.

Did you know that as you start draining the pond of supply chain challenges, the easy fixes, like managing fasteners and nuts and bolts, become the norm, leaving behind more complex assembly issues?



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