Special : Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2024 from the show floor

Cliff Notes Podcast 61

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A collection of experiences and feeling from UK manufacturing trade show

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Podcast Show Notes

Special : Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2024 from the show floor Special : Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2024 from the show floor

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics is the first show of the year for many people in the UK manufacturing community. So it was great to get out to meet friends and partners and many new faces this week.

We took the microphone out and recorded with visitors and companies running stands. Many of whom are part of the ConeX Portal a community with a mission is to help UK engineering and manufacturing businesses thrive.

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Learn from the cliff notes on The Voice of UK Manufacturing

  • Luke Appleby, Equilibrium Risk
  • Sam Baynham, ConeX Portal
  • Gary Rice, FermionX
  • Ronnie Ellaway, AMI
  • James Worthington, MyWorkwear
  • Logan Wheeler, Vision Engineering
  • Alex Chung, Central Scanning

Note: This show is not affiliated to the trade show Southern Manufacturing & Electronics.



Host: Tristan Bailey - Holdingbay

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