Philip Hamlyn Williams from Vehicles To Vaccines in British Manufacturing

Cliff Notes Podcast 62

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What happend to British manufacturing after 1951?

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Podcast Show Notes

Philip Hamlyn Williams from Vehicles To Vaccines in British Manufacturing Philip Hamlyn Williams from Vehicles To Vaccines in British Manufacturing

Following on from the interview on "How Britain Shaped the Manufacturing World", discover the secrets behind successful companies and the minds that cover all the bases between automotive and pharmaceutical. Join into the stories of visionary entrepreneurs, inventors and small businesses, uncovering the strategies that propelled their inventions and Great Britain to new heights.

Philip Hamlyn Williams, a renowned historian and author latest book "Vehicles To Vaccines" continues the fascinating history of Britain's manufacturing prowess after 1951 to present day.

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Learn from the Cliff Notes on the History of Manufacturing

  • The book investigates the evolution of British manufacturing post-WWII, challenging the notion that Britain no longer makes things.

Analysis of manufacturing sectors, major companies and influential figures in British manufacturing. Currently Britain ranks eighth in global manufacturing, with only 10% of the workforce in manufacturing, down from 33% in 1951.

From steam trains to semiconductors, cotton mills to 3D printing, ocean liners to satellites. Other nations have surpassed Britain in manufacturing output volume over time, but there is so much great innovation and future is not written.

British innovation continues with significant achievements like developing a Covid vaccine.



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